New Hampshire primary election results (100% Reporting)

20160210_1445 Campaign 2016 Election Results Online Tool (WP).jpg New Hampshire primary election results (100% Reporting)

(Feb 10, 2016 14:45) — The New Hampshire primaries are Feb. 9. Delegates at stake: 23 bound for Republicans, 24 pledged for Democrats.

This page on the Washington Post’s website looks like a good tool to use to get detailed breakdowns of the past and upcoming primary election results.

What happened in New Hampshire

Donald Trump resoundingly won the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary, giving the billionaire mogul his first victory in an improbable and brash campaign that already has turned American politics upside down. On the Democratic side, Sen. Bernie Sanders scored a decisive victory in Tuesday’s New Hampshire presidential primary, embarrassing Hillary Clinton in a state she won eight years ago and upending the Democratic nominating contest.

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