Practice Mouse-Clicking Discipline and Liberate Yourself from the Corporate Media Game

00 Stock Image - Mouse Generic with cord m100-gallery.png Practice Mouse-Clicking Discipline and Liberate Yourself from the Corporate Media Game

By Daryl Parsons

(June 12, 2016 11:10 a.m. ET) — Many of us already realize the fact that by the time you get to an internet news article you may be interested in reading you had to wait for series of advertising images and video to play out before the information is shown. Right?

Well, there is something you can do about that that will keep you from rewarding these bait-and-switch tactics used by corporate media, and, at the same time, liberate yourself by putting you, back in control of the information you seek and receive.

So instead of just arbitrarily clicking on the on the first links in a search listing, most likely generated by search engines like Google, or Yahoo, take a second to reconsider what is really happening while you “surf” the internet.

One way to fully absorb this concept is to take into consider how your clicking practices are valuable to mainstream media sources such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and affiliated material provided by CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, and their affiliates.

Now, tying this into this year’s election cycle, we have all grown disgusted with how bias and slanted the coverage has been for Bernie Sanders. Mostly because he doesn’t fit into the corporate media’s for profit agenda. Why, because Sanders is looking out for our, the 99%’s bottom lines.

As such, I have and will continue to practice mouse-clicking discipline.

If one of these outlet’s headlines have a subject of interest listed, I will instead conduct a secondary search with those terms. For example, take for instance last night’s mass shooting in Orlando.

A simple focused search for “Pulse Nightclub Shooting” will show a concentrated results listing. From there, I will look for a reputable alternative media source, or discover one for that matter, to find out more information on the subject.

By simply clicking on a website link, even if you don’t read the article all the way through, will permit that business (which is usually one of the above who are listed on the top of search listings) to benefit by your unique click/visit to that page.

Even if you don’t read the article all the way through, the page visit will create website statistics these outlets then use to sell advertising space.

That is why when you get to many of today’s news websites, your inundated with advertising images and auto-played videos. After that, is when you can proceed to read the content you originally were looking for. The information that drove you to their website, and whether you read it or not is not primary. The fact that you visited their page, generated a page view, is.

Lastly, do you want to use your personal resources to complete the steps in these outlet’s advertising business? That is, by using your hand, finger, internet connection, computer, monitor, desk, chair, electricity, all these resources you paid for with your own money, to subsidize a for profit industry that didn’t compensate you one penny?

Of course not. That is why by just becoming aware of this concept, and taking a millisecond to hesitate to click on the first link, but to be mindful on all the links and webpages you visit will make you a more conscientious person on the web, as well as to yourself.

Because deep down inside, as your waiting that 20 seconds for an advertiser’s video to play out, a little voice says, “your being played.”

So play back! Practice some mouse-clicking discipline which will liberate and empower you!

MIT Physics Professor Walter Lewin Lectures on Rainbows (2002, 2012)

20160224_0200 Walter Lewin Rainbow Lectures v1.jpg MIT Physics Professor Walter Lewin Lectures on Rainbows

There are significant properties of physics going on when you see a double rainbow.

If you want to find out more about the physics properties, look up Professor Walter Lewin on Youtube. He was so popular for his lectures, they brought in a film crew for all versions of the physics course. Physics 1, 2 and 3 (801, 802, and 803). There are about 30 lectures in each level. I’ve watched them all!

There is one lecture during his course, and another one produced much later showing an older Lewin. Both lectures are just as scientifically correct.

In his Spring 2002, and the 10 years later in 2012, he focused his lectures on the discussion of the physics properties of rainbows.

He is known for one of his famous quotes from the series, “You’ve looked at rainbows, but you’ve really never seen them.”

Quick Overview

From what I recall, and after watching his lectures you will never look at a rainbow the same way, you will “see” them from now and forever forward.

First 1) See how the space inside the lower band is a bright white? 2) now notice the space between the lower and upper band is darker? 3) Notice the difference in the order of the colors of the lower band (top to bottom) red, to blue. and the upper band top to bottom is blue to red?

Then there are lots of things that need to be in place to actually see the rainbow 1) angle you view the water vapor/rain and 2) where the sun is in relation to the angle you look at the rainbow (behind ) and at a precise angle.

Anyway, I’ll end it here. I’ve looked up the links for both the 2002 and 2012 lectures and listed them below.

The 2002 lecture shows a younger, more peppy Walter Lewin but in a low quality video. The other lecture was recorded in 2012 and shows an older Lewin which has a higher, HD qualify recording. Both lectures are of course, scientifically precise.



2015 Halloween Brings Scariest News of the Year for YTS (YIFY) Movie Torrent Fans

Yify Torrents New LogoEVERYWHERE, Earth (Oct. 31, 2015) — The leader in small file size movie torrents, YTS has put on the scariest Halloween mask of 2015 by closing its doors from what appears to be a permanent departure from the internet universe.

“YIFI has been releasing movies since 2010, but the group got its own website,, only in 2011. In a fairly short period of time, YIFI became one of the most popular movie release outfits,”, by Eduard Kovacs, Jan. 24, 2014.

YTS’ Halloween mask was not made of a scary zombie character with black teeth and an eyeball dangling off to the side. Instead YTS’ simply wore a mask reading, “closed.” That is the scariest mask ever if your a TYS fan.

YTS’ reach was worldwide with fans reaching internet server status websites for news on its fate.

“Guys i think it’s official, YIFY/YTS has shut down,” said Vishal a user on a website server status site on the web. “Just like you all, I was sad and it was really heartbreaking news for us loyal fans of YTS to hear that the site has been shut down. Thank You YTS/YIFY, for all those amazing uploads, proud to say that am a fan of YTS till the end. ALL HAIL YIFY! :'(”

Yep, YTS appears to have taken their final bow on the torrent stage, and the curtain has been drawn closed. Though alternative torrent sites have and will continue to spring up, none of them will be able to attract the lure and mystery as TYS did over the years. Primarily because of their small file sizes for 720p and 1080p movies which ranged from 700MB to 1.4GB respectively.

Users pored in their support, anger and grief from all over the world about YTS several week detour until it became final the site was down – permanently.

From Egypt, Algeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambo, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Makati, Argentina, Iran, Bangladesh, New Mexico, Greece, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Oregon, Italy, Indonesia, Lebanon, France , Bali, Kuwait, South Africa, YTS fans stood by with anticipation for word of YTS’ future.

There was a brief shimmer of hope in a post dated Oct. 24, from the TYS Team which includes YIFY, OTTO and Seraph YTS’ founder, encoding and uploading specialist, and administrative manager respectively. The post reported the website had been suffering from a DOS (denial of service) attack and the team was working on the problem.

“Dear YTS Fans,
We are working on it at YTS. We got Dosed. We will be back up in a few days maybe even a week. So from all of us at YTS we are sorry. Also thank you for your cooperation.
Much Love & God Bless,
-YTS Team-,”

the post read.

The leader in movie torrents has been rather quiet much to the dismay of YTS fans. Some have speculated, and one reasonable speculation has been that the operators of YTS may have accepted a lump sum payoff to exclude themselves from the film industry equation.

Even a billion dollar payout would be a reasonable amount paid to YTS to keep them from imposing their will upon the movie industry big players who have dominated the landscape since the motion picture was invented.

A billion dollars when divided between the mega billion dollar players such as Universal and Paramount, to include the online streaming businesses such as Amazon, Netflix and now Youtube. Yes, a quite little arrangement insulated underneath a non-disclosure agreement would only mean several hundred million dollars per player all payable to YTS.

Not a bad payout to YTS if you divide it by the number of years they operated, and split equally between its operators.

As part of the settlement, the film industry most certainly would require that they aquire YTS’ file compression technology, a patent in itself worth millions.

So, torrent fans will eventually transcend YTS and over time learn to live without them.

Scams and wanna-be-yify sites have already popped up here and there seeking to claim a piece of the pie like trying to catch little pieces of the space shuttle Challenger after it exploded over the Atlantic ocean. Then trying to sell them on Ebay.

For now YTS has made this year’s Halloween the most scariest of them all by closing their doors.


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