“Panama Papers” is the story of the biggest leaks of all time

20160404_2200 Panama Papers is the story of the biggest leaks of all time (panamapapers).jpg “Panama Papers” is the story of the biggest leaks of all time

(Apr. 4, 2016 22:00) — The source is anonymous, individuals are anything but that.

It all starts in Munich. Two young reporter obtained the data of hundreds of thousands letterbox companies. There they find the richest, most powerful and richest people in the world. The two journalists follow the tracks – using 400 reporters from 80 countries – and come across the hidden billions of Presidents, criminals and ordinary super rich.

The history of the largest data leaks ever begins late in the evening with an anonymous message: “Hello. Here speaks John Doe. Interested in information? “

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The Grey of Righteous Suffering and Violence

As inspired by the article and subsequent comment by RoadToad: Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro found hanged after one month in jail

In response to the above linked article regarding a convicted torturer and rapist of three teenage girls for over ten years, RoadToad shared is comment below:

RoadToad 04 September 2013 11:13am

I haven’t read everything here, its too toxic, depressing and repetitive (on the whole) .. but I get the general drift. He was a horrible man and did dreadful things… but I do not get the ‘serves him right’, ‘coward for not being able to take what he dished out’ etc etc eye-for-an-eye-lynch-mob mentality. HOW does it help to make a human suffer for the wrong they have done? If he is locked up forever and is no longer a danger to anyone, why does it matter?? Why do YOU feel better because he is suffering? It is a primitive emotion and does not stand up to any sort of logical scrutiny.

As far as dignity from the bereaved goes, I point people in the direction of the father of Tim Lane, the Australian who was recently randomly murdered in the USA.
He was not concerned with revenge – his son was dead and nothing would change that. He simply stated ‘Nothing good can come of this’. How humbling…. I hold a – very faint – hope that some vengeful people will be affected by that sentiment and change their views, thereby making him, beautifully, wrong.

The below inspired thoughts were formulated.

To accept the suffering of another under the banner that such suffering be imposed based on it being justified, meaningful, directed, appropriate, proportionate, deserving, responsive, or any other motivation, establishes and validates such suffering onto another.

Given such directed, self-justified suffering, imposed onto another, as that in the subject of this article, it may be spiritually required to recoil morally..

It is common that those who imposed such unqualified suffering or violence onto another did so without proper moral authority. Perhaps these perpetrators may be deemed evil, cruel, or unknowing of their behavior.

As such, a perpetrator, as the subject of this article is deemed to be, may be subjected to said suffering and violence by those who deem themselves worthy and qualified to impose such suffering and violence onto another with righteous standing.

Society currently finds itself experiencing the impact of such self-qualified righteous imposition of suffering and violence which has been yielded upon it in the forms of mass destruction and murder.

To dismiss the practice of righteous suffering and violence, is to purge the stench of death from co-existing with the soul.

For life is life, and death is death. To combine the two results in exacting neither. A perpetual state of grey.

As to the subject of this article. If the circumstances presented are as revealed, then he who practiced such righteous suffering and violence onto another ultimately surcame to that violence he had previously imposed onto another.

(c) 2013 PublicSkeleton

As inspired by the article and subsequent comment by RoadToad below:

Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro found hanged after one month in jail

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