More Than 100 Bernie Sanders Donors Sue Debbie Wasserman Schultz for Fraud

20160629_1304 More Than 100 Bernie Sanders Donors Sue Debbie Wasserman Schultz.jpg More Than 100 Bernie Sanders Donors Sue Debbie Wasserman Schultz for Fraud
By Jerry Iannelli, New Times (Broward, Palm Beach)

(June 29, 2016 1:04 p.m.) — Amid allegations that Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz “rigged” the Democratic presidential primary in favor of Hillary Clinton, 120 people, including 104 Bernie Sanders donors, sued both Wasserman Schultz and the DNC in the Southern District Court of Florida yesterday for fraud, negligence, misrepresentation, and other claims. They alleged she misled the DNC and Sanders donors into thinking she was “impartial.”

The suit comes after a group of Russian hackers published emails they claim show the DNC had, since May 2015, been planning strategies to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump in the general election.

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20160629_1304 More Than 100 Bernie Sanders Donors Sue Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Complaint).jpg (Read Copy of Complaint.)

Practice Mouse-Clicking Discipline and Liberate Yourself from the Corporate Media Game

00 Stock Image - Mouse Generic with cord m100-gallery.png Practice Mouse-Clicking Discipline and Liberate Yourself from the Corporate Media Game

By Daryl Parsons

(June 12, 2016 11:10 a.m. ET) — Many of us already realize the fact that by the time you get to an internet news article you may be interested in reading you had to wait for series of advertising images and video to play out before the information is shown. Right?

Well, there is something you can do about that that will keep you from rewarding these bait-and-switch tactics used by corporate media, and, at the same time, liberate yourself by putting you, back in control of the information you seek and receive.

So instead of just arbitrarily clicking on the on the first links in a search listing, most likely generated by search engines like Google, or Yahoo, take a second to reconsider what is really happening while you “surf” the internet.

One way to fully absorb this concept is to take into consider how your clicking practices are valuable to mainstream media sources such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and affiliated material provided by CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, and their affiliates.

Now, tying this into this year’s election cycle, we have all grown disgusted with how bias and slanted the coverage has been for Bernie Sanders. Mostly because he doesn’t fit into the corporate media’s for profit agenda. Why, because Sanders is looking out for our, the 99%’s bottom lines.

As such, I have and will continue to practice mouse-clicking discipline.

If one of these outlet’s headlines have a subject of interest listed, I will instead conduct a secondary search with those terms. For example, take for instance last night’s mass shooting in Orlando.

A simple focused search for “Pulse Nightclub Shooting” will show a concentrated results listing. From there, I will look for a reputable alternative media source, or discover one for that matter, to find out more information on the subject.

By simply clicking on a website link, even if you don’t read the article all the way through, will permit that business (which is usually one of the above who are listed on the top of search listings) to benefit by your unique click/visit to that page.

Even if you don’t read the article all the way through, the page visit will create website statistics these outlets then use to sell advertising space.

That is why when you get to many of today’s news websites, your inundated with advertising images and auto-played videos. After that, is when you can proceed to read the content you originally were looking for. The information that drove you to their website, and whether you read it or not is not primary. The fact that you visited their page, generated a page view, is.

Lastly, do you want to use your personal resources to complete the steps in these outlet’s advertising business? That is, by using your hand, finger, internet connection, computer, monitor, desk, chair, electricity, all these resources you paid for with your own money, to subsidize a for profit industry that didn’t compensate you one penny?

Of course not. That is why by just becoming aware of this concept, and taking a millisecond to hesitate to click on the first link, but to be mindful on all the links and webpages you visit will make you a more conscientious person on the web, as well as to yourself.

Because deep down inside, as your waiting that 20 seconds for an advertiser’s video to play out, a little voice says, “your being played.”

So play back! Practice some mouse-clicking discipline which will liberate and empower you!

Can Sanders’ money swamp Wasserman Schultz?

20160524_1807 Bernie Sanders money swamp Wasserman Schultz (politico).jpg Can Sanders’ money swamp Wasserman Schultz?
By Elena Schneider, Politico

(May 24, 2016 6:07 pm) — Bernie Sanders is staking some of his post-presidential campaign legacy on a challenger to the DNC chair.

Suddenly, Tim Canova is the most famous primary challenger in America.

With Bernie Sanders’ unexpected endorsement on national television, Canova, a lawyer from Hollywood, Fla., got a dramatic boost for his liberal challenge to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. In three days since Sanders endorsed him, Canova’s phone has been ringing off the hook, he’s been all over the national news, and his campaign is suddenly grabbing the attention of national Democrats.

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Huuuuge!! Bernie in Miami, Florida Rally & Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Intro (Video)

20160309_1200 Bernie Sanders Rally Miami Florida Intro by Tulsi Gabbad (03-09-2016)(01h14m25s).jpg MIAMI, Fla. (Mar. 9, 2016) — Bernie Sanders addresses a huge crowd of supporters in Miami the night of his big win in Michigan. Great speech. Although it was not entirely certain at the time, someone in the audience does yell that Bernie is ahead and apparently that continued through the night.

‪#‎Tim‬ Canova vs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

20160306_1300 Tim Canova vs Debbie Wasserman Schultz Initial Issue 01 image.jpg ‪#‎TimCanova‬ (

(Mar. 6, 2016 13:00 EST) T i m C a n o v a, in a nutshell, is somebody we need to get behind right away. We can immediately send a donation, or just start providing social media interference against what will most likely be the same game play as Clinton to protect one of their own (Wasserman Schultz) from being eaten alive for the Zika mosquito she is.

We are talking about Florida now, and this is the state that f$‪#‎ked‬ shit up in 2000 by 537 votes. Voter suppression at the hand of Katherine Harris, who was the Secretary of State at the time, who hired the private contractor to “purge” the voter registration databases in favor of those who would vote for Bush, and now who is a sitting, yes, currently sitting member of congress (trying to hide in the weeds of other democrats secretly working the game behind the scenes) (

Wasserman Schultz really needs to go watch some re-runs of Hogan’s Heroes because she “knows nothing” (this is an homage to one of the characters of the TV Series Hogan’s Heroes if you didn’t know) about how she is going to get through to us now that we are watching her like a hawk on road kill. Especially given her attempts to do what ever it takes to get her candidate of choice – Clinton – into the white house. Maybe some cabinet position in line there Mrs. Schultz?

Talking about a sick sleazy cesspool of politicians lurking around getting paid with our tax money, with full health care benefits.

20160306_1300 Tim Canova vs Debbie Wasserman Schultz Initial Issue 01.jpg #TimCanova (

#timcanova has stood up and taken front seat to challenge against Schultz’s primary run which has been unchallenged for six terms.

Coverage on #TimCanova

The Intercept (

The intercept’s Glenn Greenwald has written an article ( on the Canova vs Wasserman battle where they interview #TimCanova in depth. The article is a window into #TimCanova’s views and objectives and needs of his campaign. (

Thom Hartmann Show (The Big Picture)

See The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann (Full Show 3/3/16: Why is the DNC Chair Siding with the Banksters?!?! Youtube Link: to see an in-depth interview with #TimCanova.

As a Florida native, I understand, especially growing up in Miami, that corruption exists here and will continue to fester unless a great big light is shined on its festering cockroach party.

Right down to the City of Miami Commissioners, and that is where it begins in those boring little buildings, which have catered to the needs of the likes of Sylvester Stallone through a former commissioner to try to shut off a public street, and, Stallone, who hosted in his mansion a private get together with Bill Clinton during his term as president. The street, once again, was shut down for the Clinton event. This stuff is think and long winded.

So get educated and more importantly, excited about #TimCanova, and do what you can on social media, in real life, or in the form of donations to him directly at and

Bernie Sanders to Run 5-Minute Documentary Ad on Univision to Court Hispanics

20160305_0800 Bernie Sanders to Run 5-Minute Documentary Ad on Univision to Court Hispanics (NYT).jpg Bernie Sanders to Run 5-Minute Documentary Ad on Univision to Court Hispanics
By Nick Corasaniti, New York Times

(Mar. 5, 2016 08:00 am) In an effort to reach millions of Hispanic voters, Bernie Sanders’s campaign is running a five-minute Spanish-language ad on Univision that calls attention to the plight of a female farm worker in Florida.

In the ad, the woman chokes back tears two minutes into telling her story, one that began with her saying “Voy a luchar mientras,” or “I will always fight.” But the ad then drifts into the hardships she faces, like the low wages she earns working the tomato fields of Immokalee, Fla.

Read more.

Watch the video:


Published on Mar 5, 2016

Working families of Immokalee, Florida, have been fighting exploitation by the agricultural industry. “I will always fight. As long as I can see my children happy and well, I will continue fighting to provide them with the best. My children are the motor that drives my life,” Udelia says.

In 2008, Bernie traveled to Immokalee and met with migrant workers who were being ruthlessly exploited. He told the story to Congress in the hopes of improving their condition, and succeeded. But how many more Immokalees are there? How many fields or factories are there? We have to ask ourselves ‘who benefits from this exploitation?’ And to understand that it is not only the Immokalee workers who suffer but every worker in America because that pushes us in a race to the bottom.

We appreciate the use of footage from the award winning documentary “Food Chains”, directed by Sanjay Rawal.

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